CCC Brand

Branding is a marketing cornerstone critical to the success of any organization. Effective branding captures the essence of an organization to ensure it’s meaningful, and memorable to others. Successful branding is enduring and timeless. It evokes personal – and occasionally, emotional – attachments to something or someone that transcends such fundamental branding elements such as trade color, font use and graphic design. It’s an art and a science. A successful and enduring brand like Coahoma Community College evokes a personal and often emotional connection that compels us to choose one field of study, College or vocation over another.

The Office of Communications & Marketing is a valuable resource available to help you harness the passion and commitment that you have for Howard into something you can more effectively share with others.

As you know, the Coahoma Community College brand is deeply rooted in its important mission, outstanding track record and undeniable reputation in the higher education landscape. Given this strong foundation, Coahoma Community College will leverage its heritage and embrace the vision and evolving priorities for the future yet to come. Our ability to fulfill this mission depends on our ability to speak with one voice that is proud, unapologetic and uniquely, Coahoma.

College logos, seal, letterhead templates and other resources

Within our community, we all have a role to play in safeguarding Coahoma Community College’s reputation and public image. It is vital that our visual images and messages --- from the use of the seal and logos to the selection of photography depicting campus life --- be distinctive, accurate and consistent with our branding and marketing program.

Below are various versions of the official Coahoma Community College logos and the college’s seal. These may be downloaded and used for print and web. Before downloading and using, please read the usage guidelines.