2017 Fit for Life Events


CCC Initiative

  1. Drop “5”. This is a program to encourage participants to take charge of their health and know their numbers (BMI, weight, and blood pressure). The goal of this activity is to decrease BMI, weight and lower blood pressure. This activity will last 30 days.  
  2. Nutritional Counseling Services.  
  3. Fit for Life Olympics. This event is a competition among faculty and staff. Winners will receive medals and recognition in Fit for Life Newsletter and CCC website.
  4. Nutrition and Fitness awareness campaign.
  5. Group Fitness classes. These classes will be offered at the Fitness/Training Pavilion and Fitness Center for beginner and intermediate fitness levels.
  6. Walking Club
  7. Flip Your Plate demonstrations
  8. Bike Corral Program
  9. Bungee Fitness Training at the Training/Fitness Pavilion
  10. Flash Mob Dorm Get Moving Dance Challenge
  11. Summer Boot Camp for faculty, staff, and students. Four one-week camps will be held during June for faculty and staff and during July for students.

High Schools Initiative

  1. Nutrition Awareness Campaign.  
  2. Fruit and Veggie Dress Up Day.
  3. Swap your Snack.
  4. Crunch and Sip Program.
  5. Fitness after-school Program.  
  6. Fit for Life Obstacle Course Competition.  
  7. Flash Mob Get Moving Dance Challenge between schools

Community Initiative

  1. Nutrition and Group Fitness classes.
  2. Flip Your Plate.
  3. Walking Club/ Walk-a-thon.  
  4. Fit for Life Obstacle Course Competition.