Title III

The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to establish or strengthen the physical plants, financial management, academic resources, and endowments of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Funds may be used for the: (1) purchase, rental or lease of scientific or laboratory equipment for educational purposes—instructional and research; (2) construction, maintenance, and renovation of instructional facilities; (3) faculty development and exchanges; (4) academic instruction in disciplines where blacks are under-represented; (5) purchase of educational material; (6) student services; (7) funds and administrative management and acquisition of equipment for use in strengthening management; and (8) joint use of facilities.

Coahoma Community College’s Comprehensive Development Plan represents an effort by the staff and faculty to address the college mission statement and goals over a five-year period, however they are updated annually. The activities to be implemented and the Activity Director responsible for the implementation are:

a)  Project Administration—Ms. Marilyn M. Starks, (662) 621-4154
b)  Improving Financial and Academic Management—Ms. Marilyn M. Starks, (662) 621-4154
c)  Improving Academic Instruction—Mrs. Yolanda Morton, (662) 621-4850
d)  Student Life/Wellness Program—Ms. LaShasa Griffin, (662) 621-4146
e)  Improving Physical Plant, Maintenance & Transportation—Mr. Jerone Shaw, (662) 621-4177
f)  Improving the Learning Resource Center—Ms. Rose Lockett, (662) 621-4287
g)  Improving Institutional Development—Mrs. Rita S. Hanfor, (662) 621-4144
h)  Enhancing the Associate Degree Nursing Program—Mrs. Beverly Overton, (662) 621-4686

Funding source:  U.S. Department of Education, Title III Strengthening HBCUs
Funding period:  October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2022

Title III/SAFRA Policy and Procedures Manual