Social Science

Welcome to the Department of Social Science, Education, and Psychology!  I invite you to join our students and faculty as we create an active and supportive learning environment and explore ideas that will challenge your imagination and enrich your life.  The strength of our vibrant department comes from the expertise and from the rich and varied experiences of the faculty who are dedicated to helping students realize their strengths and reach their goals.

In the Department of Social Science, Education, and Psychology, students and teachers are actively engaged in the process of learning.  Students investigate, write, question, create, advocate, and discover how to shape their own learning experience.    Reflecting Coahoma Community College’s mission to foster a nurturing teaching and learning environment that promotes intellectual and work-readiness skills,  our teachers are focused on quality instruction and student support.  Through educational experiences, diverse classes and programs, clubs and organizations, students contribute to the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the college and the community.

The CCC faculty and staff are honored to be part of your lifelong learning experience!  We hope you will take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by our classes and programs.

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to make the most of your educational experience at Coahoma Community College.  Dreams begin here.  Come learn and explore with us!


Barbara Boschert

Chair, Department of Social Science, Education, and Psychology

History Instructor